Mini Beans Ages 3-4

This is a chance for your children to take part in a safe and fun environment with exciting play-based activities.  These are kept short and energetic to keep the interest of all children. 

Activities include: bouncy castles, inflatable slides, football, multi-sport and dance sessions as well as many other great fun things to do.

Sporting Beans, Rec – Yr1, Yr 2 – Yr 3, Y4 +

Bring lots of energy to our fun and exciting activities which will change every hour.  Can you hit the bull’s eye in Archery or be the fastest through our inflatable assault course?  Iron Man VS Hulk in sumo wrestling or score a basket to win the game for your team. There is so much to do that you will not want to go home.

Activities: Basketball, Uni Hoc, Kwick/Kick cricket, Dodgeball, Bouncy Castle, Gladiator, Bungee Run, Capture the Flag, Sumo Wrestling, Table Tennis, Archery, Bean Bag Curling, Inflatable Assault Course, Bowling

Activities created for Keen Bean Camp: No Man’s Land, Tub Golf, Space Balls, King Pin, Tidy Your Bedroom, Virus, Battle Ships, Tunnel of Doom, Bean Bag Curling, Swedish Long Ball, Pac-Man, Rob the Nest.

If you don’t know what all these great games are then come and give them a try!

Creative Beans, Yr 2 – Yr 6

Can you build the next robot to win in a battle or teach it to score a basket?  Build the tallest tower or create and build a 3D Model. This is a chance for your child to engage in different creative, technical activities and challenges that are suited to their skill level.  

This can include: Lego Mind Storm, 3D paper modelling, 3D computer Model design, Lego Problem solving

Performing Beans  Rec – Yr 6

Can you be the next dancing king or queen of the stage, learn how to work the room and keep the crowd in awe of your presence? Perform in mini shows learning how and where to stand and project your voice for all to hear.  How creative do you feel?

This Can include: Dance & Drama sessions, Arts & Crafts, sporting activities, small performances.